Is it safe?

Our program is absolutely safe as we are not going to make you take any kind of special products, pills, shakes, etc. And also, our food guides are designed to be well balanced and personalized to each of our client’s needs.

Are there any side effects?

The material we place on the surface of your ear has no side effects, although very sensitive people might feel a mild warm sensation during the first 30 minutes, but other than that you shouldn’t feel anything but the intentional effects (less stress, anxiety, better sleep, digestion, etc.). Now, some people are more susceptible to food changes and might feel the effects of the lack of sugar (dizziness, weakness, headaches…) try first by eating a half of an orange or a piece of hard candy, if they don’t go away, call your therapist, this is normal and should only happen during your first week.

Does it hurt?

It doesn’t hurt, as what we use are not needles, opposite to what some people think. What we use are tiny beads that mildly press the skin without penetrating it.

I’m I going to gain my weight back when I stop using the magnets?

Our program doesn’t cause the so-much-feared “rebound effect”, as during the process of losing weight, our clients adopt new habits that easily stay in their daily lives; and on the other hand we are not speeding up your metabolism in an artificial way, allowing your body to adapt to its new weight, stabilizing it. Ask your therapist for our free maintenance program.

Can pregnant women take the program?

We can guide them through nutritious guides, although they shouldn’t take the Auriculo therapy part.

Can I do it f I’m breast feeding?

Although we can imagine you feel anxious about losing your baby weight, we encourage you to wait until your baby no longer depends 100% on your milk. If you are already feeding him formula or another source of nutrition you can now join our program.

Is the program suitable for kids?

Yes!!! We do count on a safe and successful program designed especially for kids 6 and older!!!

Can people with diabetes take the program?

Most of our food guides are safe for everybody, but when a person with diabetes is taking insulin or other medications, we recommend them to follow their doctor’s suggestions.

What happens if the dots come off?

They usually stay on the whole week, but if this happens during the first 5 days after your visit, try to go back to your therapist to have them replaced with no extra charges and no wait.

Should I take special care of the dots?

You should be able to take your regular showers and do your normal activities. Just try to avoid steam rooms or saunas if you have oily skin.

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