Welcome to Forma Vital!

Here, at Forma Vital, our mission is to help you fulfill your health goals and thus, have a more active and full life. To achieve it, we use auriculotherapy, a natural, alternative, and painless method derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as nutrition guides which will help you reach your ideal weight in a healthy way.

Our weight-loss programs are supported by professional therapists who will accompany you step by step until you reach a healthy weight.

What makes us different?

In Forma Vital we use auriculotherapy to help you with your weight loss. This painless and noninvasive technique put pressure on specific points on the ear to stimulate different body organs. The result is a significant improvement of our digestive system and nervous system, which results in less stress and less food cravings. Once your appetite is under control, following our Food Guides becomes easier.

Since in Forma Vital we care about your health, the pellets we place on your ear are made with hypoallergenic, electromagnetic, surgical stainless steel.

Our Blog

Did You Know the Fat We Store Could Be an Emotional Armor?

Did You Know the Fat We Store Could Be an Emotional Armor?

According to many health professionals, any of us is perfectly capable to lose weight, the real problem resides on keeping it off for good. So, if you’ve been dieting over and over but haven’t been able to lose or to maintain the weight you’ve achieved, it’s very...

Vitamin D and Weight Loss

Vitamin D and Weight Loss

Vitamin D is a great ally in weight loss as it prevents the growth of fat cells. It also keeps our hormone levels in check, maintains our bones strong, and strengthens our immunodeficiency system protecting us against illness. On top of that, vitamin D helps to...