Love & Friendship Month’s Special

2 people x $50 USD

Terms and Conditions:
  1. Valid from February 1st. to 29th., 2020.

  2. The total cost for both visits is $ 50 USD.

  3. At least one of the two must be a new client, or a client who has not been visiting Forma Vital for more than a year.

  4. The same person can take advantage of the promotion as many times as she/he wishes during the duration of the special but every time, one of the participants must be a new costumer.

  5. Non-refundable.

  6. Valid in the United States only.

  7. Does not apply with other discounts or promotions.

Save $20

4 VISITS X $100 Special

Terms and Conditions:
  1. 4 visits for $100.00 USD
  2. Once you use the first visit, the next 3 visits must be used consecutively (once a week). If you miss a visit, that visit will be lost and no rescheduling or refund will be granted.
  3. The total 4 visits must be used within 60 days after the purchase; any visits that are not used in that period will be lost.
  4. Available and valid only in USA.
  5. Paid money is neither returned nor transferable.
  6. Not applicable with other promotions.

Come try our program and save $10 USD on your first visit!

First visist $30 USD, promotion available only online.

Terms and Conditions:
  1. Only for new clients, who have never taken our program before.
  2. Promotion available through our website only. The cost for the first consultation paying directly in our
  3. Forma Vital offices is $ 40 USD, when paying online, the promotion will be applied and will cost only $ 30 USD.
  4. The visit must be taken at the selected office no later than 30 days after making the purchase, otherwise it will be lost.
  5. Non-refundable
  6. Valid in the United States only.
  7. Does not apply with other promotions.